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Suspended for 24 hours

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  • Crode
    Re: Suspended for 24 hours

    i've gone threw the same thing just last night on Fairy. A 2 bst pt was going threw and charming every thing while i was pling a ls member. The problem was that they charmed the mobs my ls member was going after, then sent them at mobs my ls member would go after. So he died, (yes i was pling him and he died b/c i got distracted with a phone call) while he was dead i started to kill there mobs, first just for hare meat then they slapped me, so i killed everything in my way. My justification, they diserved it clear and simple no "ego" involved. It just mad me mad that ppl would do that. Call me a hypocrite idc.

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  • --e
    Re: Suspended for 24 hours

    So you think you're justified in insulting people because they were unwilling to do you a favor? And you think it's okay for you to MPK people becuase your ego is bruised?
    The fact that you "don't respond well to people's smart remarks" doesn't give you the right to break the ToS.

    Take responsibility for your actions and quit pissing people off, or the game is better off without you.

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  • hexnefx
    started a topic Suspended for 24 hours

    Suspended for 24 hours

    Well, today I visited the tower cell, after about 2 years, other incident was because I was called a stupid American by a Japanese player because I shouted for an invite in my early days, so I trained a bunch of gobs to him, and now I was reported for making a racial remark after being provoked, rather insulted because I asked for a Warp or Teleport.

    I'm sure many of you have experienced this, asking for a teleport only to be told to bloodport or be called a dumbass for not bringing a scroll.

    Now usually I carry my cudgel, or use my mae ring, but I was leveling THF for a new sub and was too low level to use any.

    Now, anyone that knows me in game, knows I don't respond well to people's smart remarks, and fire back with insults and jokes of my own, and was pretty much ripping a hole in em and making em mad. In the end I was leaving after telling a Japanese player the next time I catch a seizure from a Pokemon cartoon, I will be calling my attorney and going to Japan, then BAM! I'm in the tower.

    So there's the GM, and I swear, these guys read what they tell you from a script, he said the same thing word for word when i visited another GM in my first visit.

    GM="You violated the terms of the agreement, SQE has zero tolerance for racial remarks."

    Gatsu= "I was insulted and provoked after asking for a warp."

    GM= "Their conduct is not in question, we deal with people on an individual basis, that is why you are here."

    Gatsu= "So are they being put in a tower for their conduct as well and being told the TOA?"

    GM= "We cannot disclose that information due to customer privacy."

    Gatsu= "I'll take that as a no."

    GM= "I'm reviewing your record and this is not the first time you have been briefed of your improper conduct."

    Gatsu= "Ya, the the last time was 2 years ago for being called a stupid American by a Japanese player."

    GM= "I am not concerned with the details of your last incident."

    Gatsu= "Doesn't seem you are concerned with the details of this incident either, which brings me to my next question, how can you judge me if your not concerned with the facts? I mean, you had to be listening to what they were saying, even after I was leaving..."

    GM= "...."

    Gatsu= "Well, it doesn't look like you care too much about what I say, seems the only thing that holds any weight around here is WHO does the reporting, and the last thing on my mind is trying to get someone's account suspended when I logg on, regardless of what they say."

    GM= "Well, the next time, blacklist them or report them."

    Gatsu= "Whoa! Now there's an idea! Why don't you think they blacklisted me and decided to call you instead? Hmm....I wonder..."

    GM= "..."

    Gatsu= "Well, if I were to call a GM everytime I was insulted racially or in another form, I would never have time to play, but since that's what I'm gonna have to do from now on in order to play, I hope you ain't too busy, cause it happens like every 10mins."


    15 mins pass, no response

    "Lemme guess, your deciding how long to suspend me, no offense, but is what you say scripted? Because everything your saying is almost word for word from the last GM I saw 2 years ago."

    Gatsu= "You there?"

    GM= "Writing paperwork"

    Gatsu= "Regarding what?"

    GM= "Your suspension"

    Gatsu= (Well no $#it)

    Gatsu= "Can you tell me if it is permanent or not."

    GM= "..."

    8 mins. pass

    Gatsu= "Hai or iie?"

    Gatsu= "So this is how a 2+ year paying customer gets treated after being insulted and defending himself, only to be tattled on and suspended by a GM who isn't concerned with facts."

    GM= "It is not permanent, it is effective immediately, for 24 hours."

    GM= "Sorry if you feel you are being treated unfairly."

    Gatsu= (sighs dejectedly)

    Gatsu= (Thank GOD I don't work for Japanese, I hear you have to ask em for a pee break as well)

    Double Post Edited:
    As far as the little babies go, it was Tootn and Antitype, Im guessing, that reported me.

    If your logging on just to talk smack, if your prepared to dish it, you better be able to take it as well.
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