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  • Ch-ch-chaaanges...

    Hey there ^^

    Well, what am I supposed to say - after 2 years of WoW, I'm actually thinking about giving FFXI another shot. I was actually surprised that I still had a forum account on here *g* I'm currently installing a FFXI Starter Pack I've won (about two days after I quit WoW, SquareEnix must have smelled that...), and if the feeling get's back to me, I guess I'll reactivate my old US account.

    So - how has the Server changed? RMTs still the Problem they were before? Gluttony Sword still between 500-800k? Inflation / Deflation? How is the GMT Community doing? Is leveling in Valkurm still a pain in the ass? Are the peacock charm and all the other bossdrops still overcamped? I don't really remember if I gave my Gil away back then, but I sure hope I didn't...

    It's actually quite astonishing. Sure, WoW was fun, I met a ton of nice people and had evenings full of raids, bosskils and what not. But now, I rarely remember anything about it. Because it was easy. It was just rinse and repeat.

    But I still clearly remember how I got Sky Access. I could still walk blindly to Ru'Aun gardens (even the fact that I still remember that name is quite something). I still remember how I got each of my T2 parts, and how... "white" I looked in them. I still remember my first Genkai (Still called that way?), and how I beat up Maat's Ass. I still remember how frustrating all of that was xD And how I always felt inferior to all those multiple-jobs-on-75-people =P

    Anyway, looking forward to a reply. I just remembered what I hated the most about FFXI - the patching. 3 Hours gone since the installation, still one to go... *sigh*

    Mendorian, former Lv71 PLD AKA Eclaire, Tryout-TaruTaru-WHM ^^

    Ok, now THAT signature is outdated...
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    Re: Ch-ch-chaaanges...

    RMT is being dealt with much more than it used to be, I can't give estimates but prices have gone way down. Valkurm sucks, but most people skip it, PCC is dropped in an NM fight now.

    Disregarding all that, it sounds like you will like it, and should at least try another month.


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      Re: Ch-ch-chaaanges...

      RMTs and cheaters can't really be eliminated, but they are roughed up every month and harassed by S-E's "Special Task Force". (i.e. Accounts banned, Gil confiscated, etc.) On Ifrit, anyway, prices have dropped quite a bit compared to two years ago.

      Anything you want to know the price for:

      Originally posted by ZoNicONE View Post
      Gluttony Sword still between 500-800k? Inflation / Deflation? How is the GMT Community doing? Is leveling in Valkurm still a pain in the ass? Are the peacock charm and all the other bossdrops still overcamped?
      They are still camped, but many of those NMs have been altered to drop Rare/Ex item with the same stats instead.

      Peacock Charm (now BCNM only) -> Peacock Amulet (drops from NM)
      Ochiudo's Kote (now BCNM only) -> Ochimusha Kote (drops from NM)
      Emperor's Hairpin (now BCNM only) -> Empress Hairpin (drops from NM)

      And, yes, Valkurm Dunes levels can still be painful, but plenty of options exist for small groups or even solo exp'ing at lower levels.

      Gluttony Sword has fallen out of fashion. The weapon progression for Paladin around those levels is now something like:

      Lv.50: Tactician Magician's Espadon
      Lv.52: Tactician Magician's Espadon +1/+2
      Lv.60: Bastard Sword/+1
      Lv.65: Save the Queen / Lv.66 Espadon +1

      With the advent of Sanction Refresh, the Lv.35 PLD trait Auto Refresh, and the multiple upgrades to shield block rate plus Shield Mastery, it's gotten a lot easier to keep oneself cured, so the small amount of additional damage mitigation from a VIT+7 sword is just not that important. There's also the Bibiki Seashell (Lv.60) for a VIT+4 in the ammo slot, if a player doesn't like losing VIT+7 all at once.

      So, PLDs now are expected to not neglect offense (as much). In merit parties, many party leaders now ask PLDs to come to camp in DD/hybrid setup instead of the traditional Def/VIT gears.
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        Re: Ch-ch-chaaanges...

        I'm a PLD75 and recently came back as you are thinking of doing. Coming back from almost a year ago ( when Haubergeon was around 3M, down to 10% of that now ) I personally have a renewed interest in FFXI.

        Many PLD are hybrid now as Ifrit said, focusing a little more on offense than traditional turtling.

        In any case, if you do come back, WB.


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          Re: Ch-ch-chaaanges...

          If you want to see prices of stuff check out
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