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Set party 30ish-75~

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  • Set party 30ish-75~

    Hello, I'm am just making this thread to let the people of Ragnarok know, that i have a set pt that's in need of 2 members, currently we have: 2x BLU PUP and a COR (toau set ;p), and we need a tank and a healer (Preferably a NIN tank, though PLD works out) and preferably a RDM for the main healer (Though whm works too, w/e ;p). In a nutshell, we formed the set thinking we'd just grab peeps we needed each night we'd pt, and it'd be simple as that, sadly, we didn't think the number of mages/tanks seeking would be as slim as it is XD. So we've decided just to make a full set.

    Info: Currently we are 33-34, as long as your job is in the 30's roughly, we'll be able to squeeze you in if your interested in joining. We plan to take these jobs to 75 in a timely manner, (maybe 1-2 months tops), so we'll need dedicated people. We tend to party at roughly starting at 10:30 EST pm on weekdays, and just whenever each person is on on the weekends. All of the members in the set currently are rank 10, so if your a long time player, no need to worry about us being total airheads, or if your new to the game, and wish to get a high level job fairly fast, and wish to learn about the game a bit by setting with experienced players, feel free to join.

    That's about all i can think of for now, though I'm sure I'm missing some details, so if you have any questions/comments feel free to contact me me in game, Minswune~ or Rubicant may be able to help you out if he's on and I'm not