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Problems with return to vanadiel JP version

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  • Problems with return to vanadiel JP version

    Friend is trying to do this, and it's not working for him, the pol info is 100% accurate, he's sure. Anyone see why it's not working?

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    Says POL ID, registration code, and regristration information are wrong.

    First of all, you need to have all the information you used when you registered (name, address, etc). I see all those spaces are blank. This might be hard for someone who made up info when they imported.

    Second of all, make sure he qualifies. He had to have cancelled his POL account. If the account is just suspended due to lack of payment, it's possible that he's not elligible, and this is why it's giving an error about the POL ID being wrong.

    Edit: never mind about the address, etc. The name must be correct though
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      I told him that POL had to have been deleted and he said he thought that POL accounts never got deleted, just suspended. I'll let him know and get back to you, thanks


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        Maybe cuse they having problems too~~


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          it's ok to leave the field that he left blank blank. you only need the first 3 fields and the last one. either it was their problem and he should try again now, or the information isn't as 100% correct as your friend thought it was :D

          if you don't qualify, it'll still recognize the account, but it'll just say that you don't qualify.

          btw Hi all ^o^/
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            awn :D