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So, I got a new FF account

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  • So, I got a new FF account

    Bassically I stopped playing for 2 years.
    had a character named Mylton in the Quetzalcoatl server.
    All jobs were over 30 aside from PLD, DRG and BRD.
    My main was my Monk lv65
    and I had worked on most guilds, but focused on
    cooking, wich I got up to 68

    I coulden't get my character restored sadly
    since I spent forever without playing.

    I'm hoping they have the Return to Vana'diel campaign again
    sometime soon, so I can bring my old character back.

    For now i'm just a lv14 war
    named Straightedge, on the same server.
    Starting over, its nothing like it was starting before.
    I've had to somewhat solo to that lvl
    since no one will invite a war with no sub job.

    The majority of my old friends quit
    Its boring solo

    Someone provide me a Ls if possible. lol
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