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  • New linkshell looking for members...

    Thought I'd put in a quick blurb about a new social linkshell started by a few returning players.

    Shellname: hichixu clan
    In game contact: Hirokugawa, Chizuruna, or Xubuntu
    Obligatory website:

    The primary desire is to create a place where players have a friendly, relaxed environment to be sociable and where members should be comfortable asking for/providing help. In short, a place to make newcomers feel welcomed, and contributors valued.

    Being a fresh linkshell, this is your chance to shape and grow a community. No requirements except the desire to ruminate, recreate, cooperate, and inevitably -- eviscerate.

    If you're interested, send any of the in-game contacts a /tell, or use the web site for your free link pearl.

    (limit 1 link pearl per Mog household. Shake well before using. Do not use near radioactive elements. Do not puncture or incinerate. Actual product may vary)