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Returning 60 WHM LF LS

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  • Returning 60 WHM LF LS

    The title of this post pretty much sums it up. Im a returning FFXI player that is looking for a LS to do Endgame content. Im currently on windy mission 5.1 and COP 2.1. Im coming back after being a guild master in wow for 5 years where i competed regularly for the #1 guild on my server. Im used to playing WoW for 8 hours or more a day and i have very little restrictions on my FFXI playing. So if anyone is interested in a heal bot that needs a little help to get to end game content let me know. I plan on being 75 WHM 37 SCH by christmas or sooner. I also have interest in doing NIN/WAR if a tank is needed. Willing to switch jobs and be a productive memeber for the LS. Thanx for reading.