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Help with airship keys? :(

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  • Help with airship keys? :(

    Hey guys and gals, I recently started back up and have been enjoying myself a lot. The level sync and FoV is awesome and makes the game much enjoyable and a little bit quicker Im around lvl 26 and need of help with getting the airship key to kazham. I'm willing to tip a higher level or get a group going with some people that need it. Send me a /tell Mrdizzle or reply here if you could help. Thanks

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    Re: Help with airship keys?

    Hopefully this won't come off the wrong way, but... You don't need help. Help makes it easier and can lead to friendships and all that, so I hope you get it. But you really shouldn't need help, so if you're sitting around waiting for someone to assist, I'd say just go get 'em. The mobs that drop the keys are all EP at 25.
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      Re: Help with airship keys?

      Bring /thf or a buddy who has TH2 cuz the keys are a very fickle drop... I've gotten em ez... I've spent hours... It's all in SE's hands but Treasure Hunter helpt me and others I've helped greatly.

      Good luck.
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        Re: Help with airship keys?

        Ugh. Especially Palborough. I tried to help someone farm keys in there once, and we both had TH1. The problem is that there weren't enough pops to keep us busy, and they were on opposite sides of the level. Of course he wasn't high enough level for us to simply take opposite sides. A couple of hours later, we had killed 30-40 turtles with no drop. >.<

        Really, the best way to get them is to join a linkshell. Any decent linkshell should be willing to help new members get Khazam airship keys.
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          Re: Help with airship keys?

          Originally posted by Ellipses View Post
          You don't need help.
          Also at 25, there are still quite a few beastmen that will aggro you in those zones, and where there is aggro, there is links. So be careful not to get overwhelmed by peeps.
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