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  • Dynami's {Linkshell} {Can I have i?}

    Hi, i'm looking for a Dynamis LS for me and my Cousin i'm a lvl 70 Rdm and he is a lvl 70 Whm, My name is Srxjo in game, i need one that runs on Sunday,
    Thank You,

    Edit: i was just told i need rank 6 to do them and at the moment me and my Cousin are Rank 5, if you want us to join if you help out on getting our Rank one more lvl we would be very thankful
    "Death shall seek you out, If death fails, I promise you, i wont." ~ Srxjo (me)
    "My lips are stained scarlet red from my blood" ~Srxjo (me)
    "The greatest pain in this world is losing that which is closest to ones own heart" ~Srxjo (me)