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  • SkyLS/HNMLS recruiting

    Hello people of Phoenix.

    1. Have you ever been frustrated because you cant join a skyLS/HNMLS that does run times at 6-9pm EST?
    2. Do you play at JP peak hours, where nearly 80% of NA/EU are still asleep?
    3. Do you want a linkshell that has fun, and the leaders putting their members 1st.
    4. If you have sky access, or nearing sky access, with a lvl70+ job, and wanna make new friends when your other ls is asleep because it's JP peak time, why not join our LS?

    FrakThis is a new skyLS, made solely for the purpose of having fun in sky during JP peak hours. Check if you are in these time zone, or roughly around it, we can work around the time zones to suit all members.

    GMT 8am - 2pm
    EST 2am - 8am
    JST 4pm - 10pm

    We only have 2 rules, and that is 1. NO Drama Please, and 2. Have fun!

    If you are interested please email me and I will try my best to answer all your questions/reply to the email. You can contact me in-game, but then im not on 24/7 so communication can be a little laggy =(

    Thank You for reading, and have a great day every1 ^_^/

    Seea of Phoenix
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