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    Hi there,

    Having kept an eye out on the AH for a pair of these babies for a good few weeks now (and missing the last pair by 30 mins /cry) I thought I would see if there are any folks who frequent the forums, and play on Lakshmi, who have the skill to craft a pair of Austere Cuffs.

    I have a wanted note up on and also note that the median price is around 100k. I also frequent Rolanberry Bazaars in the hope someone may have some for sale, but so far no joy.

    If anyone's willing and available to do this for me my ceiling is 110k so I hope this would be satisfactory.

    Once I manage to get a pair I will hopefully try to get a Carby Mitts run together...and a Fenrir run.. and my CoP missions for Diabolos >_<!

    Anyway thanks in advance for reading!