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Vanishing Point - Lakshmi Linkshell Looking for Members! ^^

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  • Vanishing Point - Lakshmi Linkshell Looking for Members! ^^

    Linkshell ~ Vanishing Point
    World ~ Lakshmi
    URL/Homepage ~
    In-game Contacts ~ Lucifersangel, Galatheil, Liren, Knightblazer, Nagoshi
    Allakhazam Contacts ~ KBSMH
    Current Size ~ 12 Static Members, 20-25 Members Total.
    Level Range ~ 60-75
    Accepting ~ Yes. Speak to a contact for details, check out the VP Forums, or send me an email. ^^
    Class Restrictions ~ None
    Character Race Restrictions ~ None
    Nation Restrictions ~ None
    Questing Group Help ~ Yes, can help virtually any level range.
    Leveling Group Assistance ~ Yes, can also help with any level group range.
    Goals ~ Zilart Missions, CoP Missions, Rank Missions, NM's, HNM's, Gods.
    Other Miscellaneous Info ~ If you're looking for a new start, then I ask you to check our Linkshell out. Please speak to any of the in-game contacts and/or e-mail at if you can't find the answer you are looking for. Thank you!