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I need help with reroll

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  • I need help with reroll


    I would like to reroll my character on Lakshmi. I am currently in Bastok (Market). I need someone that can hold 28 items in their mog safe/inventory and some gil so that I may reroll quickly :sweat:

    Is there any kind person out there that can help me?


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    it might be easiest (and safest) for you if you added a character slot, made a new character, sent those items to that character, remade, and then sent the items back (and perhaps cancel the extra character slot if you relaly want). Not saying you shouldn't look for help at all to make the process easier, but a possible suggestion.
    Still trying to play way too much...
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      Hmm I never thought about it that way, except I would like to keep my name and wouldnt I have to pay an extra dollar? Yeah I know I am making this difficult

      Hmm I might need to buy my own WP or something too. Damn maybe ill just forget it