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  • Dragoon Prep

    1. Talk to either of the staff in Warehouse A (I-10) in Port San d'Oria. Then talk to Novalmauge in the Bostaunieux Prison (walking between F-8 and G-8) in the basement of Chateaux Doraguille. After the cutscene, talk to Morjean in the cathedral (L-7) to start the quest.
    2. Go to Shakrami Mines and find Excavation Points near bones. Use a pickaxe - つるはし - on the spot to retrieve a dragon's egg - 飛竜の卵. Return to Morjean in the Cathedral and tell him about the egg.
    3. Next, go to Meriphataud Mountains and find the ??? point on the south face at the far east of Doragora's Spine (K-8). Trade the egg to this spot. After the event, return to San d'Oria and talk to Rahal in Chateaux Doraguille (H-9).
    4. Go to Ghelsba Outpost, and find the Hide Door at F-10. A fight will ensue with a Dragon. A full party around level 40 should be able to beat it, but higher levels will help. When the fight is over, you can choose the name of your Wyvern from a list and the Dragoon job is also usable.

    I know you can check this info easily but just to make it easier and clear I copied it to here....Please reply when you done the prep so we can start the Dragoon Job quest.

    p/s Shakrami Maze is quite dangerous so you may want to go with a friend