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Helpful Links! Please check here first for info.

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  • Helpful Links! Please check here first for info.

    Here is a list of helpful links compiled by our helpful DiV community. Sometimes the same questions get asked over and over again and the answers are only just a click away at one of these helpful sites. So please check around at these various links and then if you can't find what you are looking for, then ask your questions.


    All Around FFXI Knowledge

    Brand new and don't know where to go? These are some of your basic FFXI sites, usually with forums, where you can find the answer to just about any question you might have!

    FFXIclopedia ( FFXIclopedia ) - this is a wiki LOADED with information. It should be your very first stop.

    Final Fantasy XI Auction House ( Final Fantasy XI Auction House - ) - now you just dropped a few mobs and they dropped a couple Fiend Bloods but you don't know whether to toss them or keep them! Go to FFXIAH and see how much a stack is worth on your server!

    FFXI Allakhazam ( Final Fantasy XI ) - this website has a forum and decent general information.

    Killing Ifrit ( Killing Ifrit - a Final Fantasy community ) - this website has a forum and decent general information.

    Order of the Blue Gartr ( Order of the Blue Gartr ) - this is a forum only and it deals mainly with endgame. Noobs please equip suitable armor before posting!

    Somepage ( Final Fantasy XI - ) - another decent site for information. People swear by their guide for food.

    Mystery Tour ( FFXI MysteryTour ) - an older and not quite up to date website but hey, some people still use it!

    Elemen's Japanese Website ( eLeMeN - FF11 ) - information for our JP friends or those lucky enough to be billingual!

    Official Information

    Well, this is where we have to be......well........very official! The PlayOnline site has a wealth of information to offer and should be checked out by anyone who's playing the game. Go ahead, /check them! They don't mind!

    PlayOnline ( ) - this is the place to get your official information!

    Return to Vana'diel Program ( The Return Home to Vana'diel Campaign ) - so you've played FFXI before and are thinking of coming back (they usually do! MWAH HA HA HA)? Go here and check out the program!

    Recruitment Program ( FINAL FANTASY XI Official Web Site ) - family and friends getting on your case for playing a MMO? Well get them to play it with you! More info when you click the link!

    World Transfer ( FINAL FANTASY XI Official Web Site ) - all your linkshell mates and friends quit playing or are "taking a break" and you're lonely? Well maybe its time to switch servers! Click the link for more info!

    VISTA Installation Instructions ( FINAL FANTASY XI Official Web Site ) - well you're the one that wanted VISTA! Go here and follow the instructions EXACTLY and you shouldn't have any problems.

    Rules & Policies ( ) - have the need for knowledge? Well here you go.......and um....have fun?

    Linkshell Community ( FINAL FANTASY XI -LINKSHELL COMMUNITY- ) - want to recruit for your linkshell? Well check out this official site!


    Maps and Camping Information

    Don't know where you are going or what you'll be able to do once you get there?? These are the places for you! Pick a map and get adventuring! (.....and probably dying! )

    FFXI Atlas ( Vana'diel Atlas - Final Fantasy XI Maps collection - Treasure, NM, Quests, and Missions locations ) - a great source for information about camping spots, coffers, chests, and *oh ya!* MAPS!

    White Maps ( F&M ���n�}�{�� ) - ever just want an uncluttered map to find your way through an area? Most maps have dots with coffers, dots for chests, red circles for NM's, etc well White Maps mean just that....white, black, and grey, its easier to find your way! Oh ya that college education didn't go to waste!

    Campsitarus ( Campsitarus-- The guide to FFXI xp camps! ^^ ) - so you just leveled and you have no idea where to go next for experience.....well Campsitarus does so check it out!

    Clanwind Interactive Map ( FFXI Interactive Zone Map - Clan Wind ) - a good map to easily understand what zones connect with other zones. There is also a printable PDF version available.

    FFXI Atlas Bestiary ( Vana'diel Bestiary ) - this site is so much more than a beastiary! You want to know where to camp but one of your party members doesn't have a certain expansion? Well you can exclude that expansion and get the results you need with a searchable database!

    Links for Crafts including Mining & Fishing

    Starting up a new craft? Decided to go mine for some gold......ore? These sites will help you figure out when and where to go and hopefully give you a little luck along the way!

    Pikko Pots ( Pikko Pots ) - want to know about gardening? This site takes care of MANY questions you might have! I wish there was an easy to use site like this for real gardening!

    Final Fantasy XI Recipes ( FF11 (FFXI) �������� ffrecipe ) - this is a wonderful resource for EVERYONE!

    Iokyst's Crafting Timer ( FFXI Crafting Timer ) - this crafting timer creates a calendar to help you with successful synths and skill ups. There is also an elemental wheel on the page.

    MithraPride Vana'diel Clock ( MithraPride - It's where the kitties are! ) - so many tidbits of FFXI info in one little place! In game time, elemental for the day, moon phase, RSE times, ship departures, shop times are the little things that count in game!

    Great Blue ( Great Blue - FFXI Fishing Database ) - this is a great fishing database where you can look up the name of the fish and find out what rod to use, what bait to use, the skill cap, where to find it, the guild points, and much more!

    Clanwind Fishing Database ( FFXI Fishing Database - Clan Wind ) - input your info and you can narrow down your search to fit your information needs.

    Kida's Ultimate Fishing Resource ( Kida's FFXI Fishing Database - Home ) - so you're a brand new fisherman and don't know your rod from your bait?? Well this is the site for you with a database, rod & bait listings (one you hold in your hand and the other you throw in the water and let the fish nibble on it! ), maps, and even a guide to tell you what you need to do and when!

    DIGIT - Daily Guild Item Tool (hey I don't know where the first I went either!) ( Titanictus.Com DiGIT : Daily Guild Item Tool ) - I'm so using their description...."This tool assists crafters by providing information about items required to earn points through their guild contracts. Please note that this tool's information is user contributed and there is no warranty on its accuracy. Use of the information here is at your own risk!"



    Calculators are fun! You can be the uber geek in town by knowing every little detail that you can about your weapon skills, magic caps, etc!

    Furen's Cure Calculator ( Furen's FFXI Cure Calculator ) - a very easy to use calculator where you can input your stats, equips, and even the weather to see how uber your cures will be.

    Kanican's Emnity Tables ( Kanican - Enmity Table ) - ever wonder why that mob just came over and smacked you in the face during a fight with your party? Here is a good place to see just what you are doing to get that much hate............and hopefully teach you to be more careful!

    Nateworld Skill Cap Calculator ( FFXI Skill Cap Calculator ) - ok so did you forget to level up that great sword on your dark knight? are you a white mage pining for hexastrike? This handy calculator will let you know how far to go.........but not the hell you'll have in skill up parties to get there!

    AlexisLucia's Skillchain Calculator ( AlexisLucia's Skillchain Calculator ) - are you and your partner trying to get off that perfect skillchain? You know the one where you see the big magic burst in the end?? Well here you go! Input you and your partners data and get that timing right!

    Themanii Skill Cap Chart ( FFXI skill capture ) - want to know when you get that next weapon skill? what your best weapon is? or get down and geeky with the formulas? This is the site for you!

    Equipment Suggestions ( FFXI - Claquesous Equipment ) - ever want someone to tell you what would be the best equips for your level? Well this guy was so willing to do that he even made up a little calculator for you to use! *Note: take this with a grain of salt please. It's not the end all be all to equips.*



    Hey we all need a little help sometime and these are some good spots to look! And, unlike offline games, no one will call you a cheater if you use them! fact they'll call you a N00B if if you don't!

    Erecia's Guide to Aht Urhgan ( A Land Besieged - Erecia's ToAU Guide ) - so you've just landed in the mighty capital of Aht Urhgan and you look like a lost puppy? Well read up son! This is a great site for missions, job guides, how-to's and more!

    Erecia's Guide to Promathia ( For Glory - Erecia's CoP Guide ) - well Erecia has been a busy beaver...err....Mithra! Limbus, Sea Gods, Mobs, Missions.......its all here in one handy site so make it your first stop on the way to Sea!

    Guide to Blue Mage Spells ( Blue Magic Hunting Grounds ) - driving yourself crazy trying to get your Blue Mage spells? Ready to throw in the towel? Well check out this site for a little help!

    FFXI Entertainment

    Playing FFXI doesn't have to be all about stats, equips, camping spots, etc, sometimes you just want to have a little fun! So here are some great links for comics, podcasts, music, etc to keep you entertained. (They really help during maintenance times! ^^)

    [GM]Dave ( Bannable Offenses: April 2006 ) - need something hilarious to read while at work (that is if you can get past the filters!), then [GM]Dave is your man! Just say a little prayer in game when you do a GM call that [GM]Dave has the day off! LOL

    Adventure Log ( Adventure Log - Updated Monthly ) - a very well drawn comic about FFXI, from a cute little Mithra's point of view!

    Calcula's Final Fantasy Comics ( LVLUP! ) - another cute Mithra telling us about the perils and the triumphs of FFXI life! Check out the archives because this comic goes back a few years!

    Limit Break Radio ( Limit Break Radio - Home ) - a great place to hit up for some podcasts to listen to when you should be working! They also have a fun forum to chat on. Check out the lastest info and the triumphs and tribulations with Aniero, Kallo, and the gang!

    The Mog House ( Online Gaming Radio Podcasts - The Mog House ) - hit them up for some podcasts about the latest trends and changes in FFXI with Pikko and Exodus.

    Level Down ( Level Down - Home ) - come check out the newer kid on the block in FFXI podcasts. Lots of great guests from around Vana'diel, including hosts from Pet Food Alpha and Limit Break Radio!

    Radio XI ( RadioXI - Streaming Final Fantasy XI to your ears 24×7 ) - so what do you get when you mix Limit Break Radio podcasts with Pet Food Alpha info and sprinkle generously with some FFXI music?? Thats right, Raido XI at your service!

    Pet Food Alpha ( ) - maintenance got you down? waiting for your ls to gather for events? Well, head on over to Pet Food Alpha and check out all the great info, podcasts, and the forums to help you with your boredom.


    MOD Community

    So you are a Photoshop/graphics junkie huh? Then are some great places for you to go! Design what you think is the perfect equip or choose from other junkies designs!

    Emiko's FFXIStyle ( FFXIStyle & FFXICartography ) - did you ever notice how your status icons all look the same? What is that refresh or regen? Is that ballad or madrigal? Well suffer no more! Check out Emiko's time saving (and cute!) icons to help make your FFXI life just a little easier!

    FFXI Dats ( o.O.o Final Fantasy XI Dats o.O.o - Create | Comment | Contribute ) - ever want something as simple as a blue moogle in your mog house or how about replacing him with TIAMAT!? Well here is where you can make all your dreams come true!

    FFXI Mod Community ( FFXI Mod Community ) - another great place to check out in case you want to turn Fafnir into a Mandragora! or if you like to dress up your Mithra in something sexy! (To be used for ENTERTAINMENT purposes only! >< )

    Interesting FFXI Blogs

    Sometimes your fellow FFXI'ers can have unique insights to the game that you never thought of! Sometimes they have the inside track to information you never knew! Either way its a good idea to take a peek and see what you are missing!

    JP Button ( JPButton ) - a great place to get the JP view of things and to get some great FFXI info. Thanks to Elmer the Pointy for giving us this great insight!

    Kaeko's Journal ( Kanican ) - lots of info from guides to testing game theories with lots of fun stuff thrown in!

    **This is a work in progress so please be patient with me.**

    Special thanks to the following DiV community members for their help:

    Aksannyi, Omgwtfbbqkitten, Yellow Mage, Sabaron, Kitalrez, Ellipses, Feenicks, LilithAngel, meSchnitzel, Satori
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    Re: Helpful Links! Please check here first for info.

    1) If you find a bad link in the bunch, please PM a moderator and let them know so that they can remove it! Thank you! ^^

    2) This is always a work in progress because new sites are always popping up! If you happen to have a link that you think would be helpful (and hasn't already been posted), please feel free to PM me or post it in this thread:

    You'll be given credit for you help too!
    Originally posted by Feba
    But I mean I do not mind a good looking man so long as I do not have to view his penis.
    Originally posted by Taskmage
    God I hate my periods. You think passing a clot through a vagina is bad? Try it with a penis.
    Originally posted by DakAttack
    ...I'm shitting dicks out of my eyeballs in excitement for the next bestgreating game of all time ever.