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  • Forum Rules

    The following is a list of guidelines of conduct while using the message board.

    1. We're all here to have fun and share information.

    The most basic of the rules, this one is arguably the most important. Be Considerate of Others. and if you're in a bad mood, and feel it might affect your post, then just take a breather and chill. Come back when you can discuss the post responsibly.

    2. Be respectful to the other members of this board.

    If you disagree with someone's opinion, that's cool, but disagree politely. Don't try and force your views on others or make people on this board feel insignificant.

    3. Try to keep on topic.

    I break this rule alot, so I understand when others do it. Basically, try to stay on the subject of the game, and avoid posting about other things on this board. There are other boards outside of this one for non Final Fantasy XI (or game) topics.

    4. NO FLAMING! Keep the criticisms constructive.

    If you have problems or feel that there are weaknesses in someone else's posts, tell them in a constructive mannerism. Don't harshly reply to them and say, "You suck!" or "Your post is so stupid!". This is not the way criticism should be handled, and I don't want to see this. Those whom resort to profanity, calling names, and/or attacking someone's character is flaming another visitor. Such actions will not be tolorated by the moderation team.

    Admin team notes: As the administrators of this board, if we hear any bull crap like this, the first time we will warn you, the next time we will remove your post. This is the rule we are most stringent on. We should do our best to build each other up, not tear each other down. While we don't wish to be heavy handed or like a member of the SS or something, we will not permit verbal abuse on this board, in any way, shape, or form. We will do our best to give any arguments fair consideration, but if we find your post offensive, it's going to be deleted.

    5. Treat each other as you'd want to be treated.

    In addition to this being a good rule for the board, it's all a good rule for life.

    6. NO SPAMing!

    SPAM stands for Senseless Pointless Annoying Messages. Please ensure that your posts are on topic of the forum indicated. Massive amounts of messages that do not pertain to the subject and are designed to annoy other board visitors maliciously, with intent to disrupt activites on the board, shall be grounds for immediate ban from these boards without warning. Warnings are given as a courtesy and are not required for any moderators or administrators to ban a member for SPAM. We have been spammed way too many times, and it has caused endless trouble, so we have to be quite firm and "Nazi" about it.

    7. Keep signatures and avatars file size small!

    Image sizes used in the personal photo or signature area must be kept small! Please keep the images below 25 Kilobytes and no larger than 550 pixels wide and no taller than 350 pixels tall. Any images in the signature or avatars area going over 25 Kilobytes may be subject to being edited out. These limits apply to ONLY signatures, personal icons, and avatars of the vBulletin system under personal profile in your control center. 25K is A LOT for signuatures and personal photos, remember these images repeat over and over. So 25K picture X 10 posts in thread = 250K! And soon it can reach several megs! (Especially when your browser is stupid about caching the files.)

    If you want to show someone your fan art or an image of something you are talking about on a thread, those limits do not apply. (But please be courtious and keep the image sizes reasonable; or if it is very big, provide a link to it.) No one wants to sit there all day for your image to load just to read a post past yours. Severe violations will result in a warning followed by banning for repeated offenses. If too many people abuse the signature or avatar function, it will be turned off.

    8. No offensive materials.

    Please try to keep all posted/displayed materials to a PG-13 rating level or so. No R rated stuff, and definitely no nudity or things that really border NC-17 stuff. Please also attempt to restrain yourself from using profanities. Any moderator or admin can edit or remove things which are offensive (see below), and usually we will notify you if we feel something is inappropriate and you should know.

    9. Moderator and Administrator override.

    Any moderator has permission to edit or remove a members post if it is found to be in violation of the rules. Warnings will usually be given, however, such warnings are only provided as a courtesy. Any administrator can put a temporary or permenant ban on members whom have severely violated the rules.

    10. Appeals.

    You may appeal any actions or decisions (bans, deletes, etc.), made by a moderator or administrator, first to the moderator or administrator that made the action or decision. If you are unsatisfied with their decision, you may appeal to a mod/admin immediately superior to the mod/admin you appealed to until you reached the top administrators. You last and final appeal lies with the top administrator: PiNG. A moderator's or administrator's decision stands until it is "overturned" after an appeal.

    However, if you are banned and are unable to contact any admin, you may directly contact an Administrator at their e-mail address. (Please note, jumping directly to PiNG for an appeal will result in your last appeal.)

    Current Order of appeals from lowest to highest:
    1.) Moderator
    2.) Super Moderator
    3.) Administrator
    4.) PiNG

    For a detailed list of heirarchy, click here
    NOTE: If a Super Moderator performed the banning action, don't go to a mod, they can't do anything, go up the chain of command, not down. Likewise with an Administrator, don't go to mod or super mod.

    Once again, the mod/admin team do not believe we will have any problems with this, but we fell it would be good to post it any way and keep things clearly defined. Please post with good intentions, and if anyone would like to discuss these guidelines, feel free to do so in the Comments and Suggestions section of the boards.

    Please note these rules are not all inclusive and the use of common sense on the internet is necessary. Following these guidelines should be sufficent to keep you out of trouble. But if you have any doubts as to whether a certain action or post is permissible, it is best if you Private Message a moderator or administrator and ask.

    These guidelines are subject to update from time to time, and it is recommended that you return occasionally to check up on any changes.
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