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Shadows of Vana'diel Ep 1 - Awakening

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  • Quetzalcoatl
    Re: Shadows of Vana'diel Ep 1 - Awakening

    pretty nice, i like it really hope u can get a rep for the main actor.

    Good luck!

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  • Eiyoko
    started a topic Shadows of Vana'diel Ep 1 - Awakening

    Shadows of Vana'diel Ep 1 - Awakening

    I've disabled the embed, as you may have noticed, so please click the link or we'll see if my forum embed skill still works.


    I look back after I created this and I notice many mistakes I made. I've never made a video like this before (SE makes MUCH better camera angles than I possibly ever will, I admit that 100% XD) but a friend of mine came up with the idea, and I thought eh, whythehellnot. So here it is. ^.^

    Unfortunately the project is currently on hiatus because our main actor pulled a wtflol on us and left, but I won't get into that -_- We are currently looking for a new main actor, but here are the other actors for this episode.

    Karu-Maru: Inariko
    Rul'Kamet: Lectronimo
    Gate Guard: (Aichiko's very spontaneously made Elvaan Male mule char)
    Stiltzkin (OMG!): Kirol (Mithra Rice Cake swapped with a Nomad Moogle)

    Filmed on the Caitsith server with Fraps full version.
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