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HOMEMADE家族 - 少年ハート New Video, and preparing for FFXI FanFest 2007 !

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    Re: HOMEMADE家族 - 少年ハート New Video, and preparing for FFXI FanFest 2007 !

    Originally posted by Omniblast View Post
    You did a good job on your video. I wish it could have been in the fan festival, I'm sure it would have won.
    BTW, I heard that song some where before, but I don't remember where. Was it featured in some anime recently? I didn't look it up.
    The song is:

    「少年ハート」 Shounen HAATO ("The Young Boy's Heart"), by the Japanese R&B / Rap group 「HOME MADE 家族」 Home Made Kazoku ("Home-Made Family").

    You might remember it as the 2nd Season intro theme song to the anime Eureka 7. Check it out here:

    Home Made Kazoku has another one of their songs called 「サンキュウ!!」 SAN KYUU!! ("Thank You!!") appearing as the 2nd Season ending theme song to the anime Bleach.

    Check it out here:

    I like Home Made Kazoku because I grew up around a lot of rap music. Their style sounds very old-school hip-hop. And when I say "Old-School Hip-Hop", I'm talking mid to late 1980's to the early 90's... Back when we had bands like "Kid 'n' Play", "Kriss Kross", and others, and movies like the "House Party" series were still popular. I like the old-school rap. Not all this gangsta rap about shooting and stabbing people. Home Made Kazoku produces "Feel-Good Music", pretty much. In fact, the song for my video is basically saying "Do you remember how much fun you had when you were a little kid?", I was trying to play that into the fact how much fun we all had when FFXI was still somewhat new to us.

    ,,, Yeah. I probably could've won. I wasn't really... erm... "Impressed" by last year's competition.

    But I can at least see who'll win this year, and see if I've been bested.

    This video was just something I tried to piece together using alot of techniques I was not familiar with yet. This was the first time I used Adobe After Effects. So I know that with enough experience, I can devastate the competition next year.
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      Re: HOMEMADE家族 - 少年ハート New Video, and preparing for FFXI FanFest 2007 !

      Ah thanks! I remember watching Eureka 7, but it didn't hit me on what that song was. I need to start re-building my mp3 collection again. I lost it after a bad hard drive crash.

      Yeah they do sound familiar from Bleach as well. I have that song for sure. ~Honto arigatou~
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