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  • RMT in training pics

    lately Remora been flooded by new RMT-in-training parties. Since the first of the month, there has been 6 of them, and more are still coming up. I have seen them XP in Pashhow/Rolanberry out of all places.

    they're all rank 1, the group in pashhow doesn't use subjobs at all.

    I have also seen that new RMT groups tend to be very dumb players. that group in pashhow (all level 22s) got smoked every time they tried marlboro and hp to selbina every time they died even though they were by the pashhow outpost with windy in control of that region.

    the other groups each has a known RMT PL'er. however, one of the two groups was completely missing when i logged in today and the screenshot I had of that group messed up for some reason.
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    Re: RMT in training pics

    I was out in Meriphataud farming and I see a Mithra just standing there getting beat on. I try and save them but I think they had Dia on them which took the rest of their HP. I check them and it's a lvl 25 THF with no subjob. I make another round and see the person is still dead and there's two tarus standing up on the heal near the dead person (one was named Healing). I also notice another Hume standing off to the side. I /sea all of them and see they're all 24-25 with no subjob.

    At that time, some person rezzed the THF. Ballista was going on at the time, so it could have just been a passer-by. I make another round and the THF is still dead but rezzes a few seconds later. Later I see them killing an enemy I like to farm and they get linked by a goblin out there.

    I didn't stick around long enough to see if they died, but I was hoping it was so. That's mostly because they didn't have their subjobs. RMT never crossed my mind. I thought it was a one-man group that was trying to be unique by having no sub to be honest.

    Another odd thing today in Valkurm was a full party was all disconnecting at the same time. I didn't bother /sea any of the names, but it struck me as odd. Again, I thought it was probably just one of those one man group things.


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      Re: RMT in training pics

      Those bastards.

      I was in yuhtunga a few nights ago, and well they were nice enough to camp right on top of us. Then when a smithy raped their pld, me and another taru blm sat on his stinking corpse.

      They really have no regard for anything.
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        Re: RMT in training pics

        The crawlers nest party I saw was my favorite. The party wiped and pleveler kept raising them in the Exoray room. As soon as they revived the Exoray would turn around and 1 shot them. This went on for about 10 minutes. Then the pl got killed so they all had to hp.
        Thanks Kazuki.
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          Re: RMT in training pics

          been seeing some of this in midgards too. All wearing really bad gear cept sometimes the tank they buy soso stuff for.
          Did a few quick searches and turned up:
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            Re: RMT in training pics

            mmm alot of R1 noobs out there now adays ^.-
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              Re: RMT in training pics

              A party of them arrived when I was first reaching jeuno on my new char. They bought all the gausbit grasses and all stood there rank 1 lv20 no sub for 6hours doing the quest. Think they will have been training another party of RMTs while waiting.
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                Re: RMT in training pics

                It's one person playing most of the characters, that's why their reaction times aren't so grand. Everytime I try to talk to them on Seraph I send tells to one player and get my responses from another. It's quite strange.