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Taking Signature Requests for Practice

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    Re: Taking Signature Requests for Practice

    Originally posted by fallenintoshadows View Post
    The move was fine thanks :D

    Hope this is ok, if not let me know and I'll do one of just your char
    wow, it is more than ok. it's amazing! thanks so much.
    Signature by Fallenintoshadows


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      Re: Taking Signature Requests for Practice

      Originally posted by locpy View Post
      wow, it is more than ok. it's amazing! thanks so much.
      I'm glad you liked it :D

      Sorry it took awhile for me to make it XP


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        Re: Taking Signature Requests for Practice

        Can you do one for me?

        Prons, Shiva server, Kingdom of Sandoria Bard Artifact set, playing Traversiere +1 infront of that weird giant black spiraling death tower that entrances to the throne room or Xacrabard? Either or is cool for me


        Edit: Hold on I'll try and find out which head I use in game
        Edit2: Image:Hm1b.jpg - FFXIclopedia - a Wikia Gaming wiki Face 1 hair b.
        BRD 75 WHM 44 RDM 20 NIN 23 WAR 20 THF 16

        Score: Maat 3 Prons 1
        Bard Maat Masher: Shiva Record Holder, 4 minutes, 47 seconds.


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          Re: Taking Signature Requests for Practice

          I was hoping to get a sig with 2 characters and a quote in the middle...

          The first is my Summoner with somewhere off to the side, Carbuncle. I would like the summoner in the Relic Horn, Doublet, Slops, and pigaches. I would also like him wearing Carbuncle mitts. I would like the weapon he is carrying to be the Bahamut's Staff.

          Then in the same signature, I would also like a Dragoon, with off to the side his Wyvern. I would like the Dragoon in full Dragoon Relic armor or Barone Armor. Either would be fine. As for a weapon, I suppose I would like the Relic Lance, fully upgraded of course.

          As for the quote... I was hoping to get the quote "You are not alone" which is a quote by "The Face of Bo" from Doctor Who. If this is too much for a single signature, take out the Dragoon and only do the Summoner.
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            Re: Taking Signature Requests for Practice

            I read this and I figured, why not take the offer. I know a few people that do this for fun, I have tried making my own. Tho, it didn't work... Might if I spice it up a bit, and give you a challenge?

            I had in mind a 3 job type of signature.

            smn being on the left - rdm middle - drg on the right. DRG & SMN can be panned sideways, while rdm takes the middle doing a simple refresh cast or spell cast w/e XD I like red black for a backround possibly but up to you. in the bottom-middle of the sig I would like my name "Ashiya" on it. (note: I like the font u used for your warrior sig on page 1 ^^)


            Face: Mithra 6a
            Head: Wyrm armet
            Body: Assault Jerkin
            Hands: Spike Finger Gauntlets
            Legs: Baron Cosciales
            Feet: Wyrm greaves
            Weapon(s): Dreizak
            Job: Dragoon

            (Note: for dragoon, mind if you do a sideview of her doing penta thrust shot?)


            Face:mithra 6a
            Head: Duelist Chapeau
            Body: Duelist Tabard
            Hands: Duelist Gloves
            Legs: Blood Cuisses
            Feet: Duelist Boots
            Weapon(s): Joyeuse
            Job: Red Mage

            (Note: for rdm, simple whm spell casting action.)


            Face:mithra 6a
            Head: Summoner Horn
            Body: Yingyang robe
            Hands: Summoner's bracers
            Legs: Summoner's Spats
            Feet: Summoner's Pigaches
            Weapon(s): Pluto's Staff
            Job: Summoner

            (Note: either her about to summon an avatar or her fighting along side carby either is fine.)

            srry If im demanding to much but its a dream sig of mine and take your time with it artist do well when they are working at their own pace I know I do lol.... Computer graphic arts aint my fortey.


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              Re: Taking Signature Requests for Practice

              If this topic is still doing requests, mine isn't that difficult.

              A male Tarutaru
              Full PUP relic on
              Their new M. Weapon
              With all (Or just a Harlequin) of the automaton's around the PUP.

              Character name: Nagasaki
              (If possible, make it says "Pulling the strings from afar... Nagasaki" Have -Pulling the strings from afar...- on the top left and -Nagasaki- on the bottom right, with the animation in the middle.)

              If this could be done, that would absolutely amazing and would be in your debt.
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                Re: Taking Signature Requests for Practice

                Hello Fallenintoshadows My son and I started a new charater's on Odin I would like if you could make a sig for me. Here is what I would like (Both Galka's Back to Back with there helm off.) But if you have a better way to make the sig much better then all means do so. And our quote (The dreamers are the saviors of the world.) You pick the back ground ok thank you.

                Name: Serpico Elite
                Race: Galka B8
                Rank: 2
                Job: Dark Knight
                Armor: Dark Knight AF+1

                Name:King Galka
                Race: Galka A8
                Rank: 2
                Job: Dragoon
                Armor: Dragoon AF+1
                sigpic Name: Serpico Elite
                Server: Odin
                Jobs: War 21, Thf 20, and Mnk 10
                Rank: 2

                The dreamers are the saviors of the world.