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Bwahahaha Male Taru Wedding Clothes!!

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  • Bwahahaha Male Taru Wedding Clothes!!

    Hehe I'll eventually to em for hume and galka too...maybe manthra lmao...but I finished Taru ^-^ here ya go :D it's a bit different from Elvaan, in a sense it was harder because I used elvaan Jerkin originally for help on body...and since tarus arent as lean and tall...well you get was just hard >_>;;

    and if you want, you can download it here ^-^ maybe do ur own little edits on it

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    Re: Bwahahaha Male Taru Wedding Clothes!!

    The hat is the best! I would have shaved a bit off the top though, seems a bit too high. But otherwise that is ADORABLE! But then again how can anything taru not be?? lol
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