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Growing Saplings?

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  • Growing Saplings?

    Since I'm nearing those final levels on BST, I'm going to be seeing a lot of Boyhada Tree in the future. I figure it would be best to use the tree cuttings I pick up from it as wisely as possible since there will only be more and more of them.

    As such, I was curious about the process of turning these into saplings. I'm pretty oblivious to gardening, but I can set up my mule character to grow them. I don't use that mule for gear anymore anyway, so I should be able to max out the MH with pots.

    Any tips?

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    Re: Growing Saplings?

    Growing Saplings from cuttings is easy. It takes about 18 days to grow one and according to lore you want to harvest them on a Full Moon, so set up for that. The planting day doesn't particularly matter since you're not feeding crystals.

    You have to look at the plants once per day or less depending on the strength of your gardening enhancement or they'll die. Put 10 of these in your mog's house to get the max time:


    Here are times for other recipes:


    You will usually end up with an average of 10 Saplings per 10 Cuttings, but SE changed the recipe (early last year iirc) so that you can now get shell bugs and rock salt occasionally whereas previously you could only end up with more saplings than cuttings (either 1 or 2 would always grow).


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      Re: Growing Saplings?

      Easiest way is to put a mule in bastok mines, get 15k, head over to the general shop behind the AH. You can conveniently buy brass pots there. From there, there are two easy recipes that will get you tree saplings.

      The most popular one is to plant a cutting in a brass pot and not feed it any crystals when prompted.

      Brass Pot + None + None =
      1-2 Tree Saplings
      23-37 Shell Bug
      2-5 Rock Salt

      This is the recipe that Sabaron is talking about and on average you will get 10 saplings for every 10 cuttings

      Then there's the recipe that I'm trying out now.

      Brass Flower Pot + Light Crystal + None =
      2-4 Gold Beastcoins
      2-3 Tree Saplings
      2-5 Rock Salts
      13-22 Bronze Nugget

      Statistically, it should be better, seeing as 50% of the items you can get will be profitable. I'm trying it out now, so in two weeks I'll be able to compare the two recipes.

      Either way, if you're superstitious and believe day and moon phases have any effect, you should plant closest to 0% moon phase as you can, and harvest closest to 100% as you can. With a brass pot you should plant on iceday apparently. Of course, there's no proof that that stuff actually works though.

      You're gonna have to examine the plant everyday. Without any moghancements, the plants can survive for about 4 days without being checked, but that is quite risky.