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Mining and the Days of the Week

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  • Mining and the Days of the Week

    Author's Note: This is also posted in the "Digging & Mining Q&A" Forum. I thought it would be best to have it in both places, as they both include Mining.

    This is a project I did just over a year ago. It has been on Alla, I am now moving it over here to help expand this Forum.

    Hello everyone! I mine a lot in Vana'diel in Yughott Grotto. I started mining to get ores to craft for Smithing and Goldsmithing, and something I noticed right off the bat is that I would have good trips and bad trips. Sometimes I would find a rare ore about every 12 pickaxes, sometimes I would get nothing but pebbles, flint, and breaks. So I began to wonder if the day had any effect on my mining results.

    With that thought in mind, I made an Excel spreadsheet and started to log my mining results. The are 4 possible outcomes from swinging that pickaxe:
    "You fail to find anything." NO ITEM
    "Your pickaxe breaks." NO ITEM, BREAK
    "You find a ?????!" ITEM
    You find a ?????, but your pickaxe breaks in the process" ITEM, BREAK

    So I came up with stats for each day:
    Item rate - the % of swings that get an ITEM
    Break rate - the % of swings that get a BREAK
    Rare rate - the % of your items found that are "E class" as defined on the MysteryTour website

    I had originally planned to take it to 1000 swings per day to ensure solid information. I have reached almost the halfway point, at ~3500 swings of the ol' pickaxe and I have decided to halt my experiment, as I think I have found the answer.

    The day of the week has very little to no effect on your mining results! *audience gasps*

    Yes, on the short run, it seems blatently obvious that something does effect it. At the beginning of my data collection, it appeared that certain days were better for either a lower Break Rate, or better Rare Rate. Though as I collected more and more data, the days got closer and closer to coming out the same.

    Each day has ended up with (+/- 2%) a 39% Break Rate, a 65% Item Rate, and a 5% Rare Rate. And I strongly believe that with enough data collected, that +/- 2% will dissappear.

    Let me say this again - the day of the week has very little to no effect on your mining results!

    So how do I explain the days of 10 Rares or the days of A Thousand Breaks? Plain and simple luck, be it good or bad.

    Moon Phase is another factor that is believed to effect mining results. I have been recording Moonphase as well, but it is following the same trend as the day of the week (no apparent effect). I unfortunatley do not have as even an ammount of data for Moonphase though, so I will not publically release that information.

    I broke the data down to the point of getting percentages for particular items as well, you will see that posted below.

    DISCLAIMER: This data was gathered on the Garuda server in the Yughott Grotto mine, wearing a full set of Field gear. Results may vary at other locations, and will definately vary if you are not wearing a full set of Field gear.

    I hope that someone finds this data useful. Happy mining!

    Ore - Best Day, Worst Day
    Iron Ore - Earthsday 24%, Watersday 17%
    Pebbles(I don't know why you would want them, but...) - Light, Lightning, Water, and Darksday 16%, Firesday 11%
    Copper Ore - Darksday 19%, Lightningday 11%
    Tin Ore - Wind and Lightningday 19%, Firesday 12%
    Zinc Ore - Firesday 21%, Dark, Water, Wind, Lightningday 14%
    Silver Ore - Watersday 5%, Earthsday 1%
    Flint - Water or Iceday 12%, Darksday 5%
    D.Steel - Iceday 3%, Dark, Earth, Wind, and Lightningday 1%
    Gold Ore - Water or Lightningday 3%, Earth, Ice, adn Lightsday 1%
    Colored Rocks - Firesday 4%, Earth or Iceday 1%

    Overall % of Items found in 3500 swings:
    Iron Ore 21%
    Tin Ore 16%
    Zinc Ore 15%
    Pebble 15%
    Copper Ore 14%
    Flint 10%
    Silver Ore 3%
    Colored Rocks 2%
    Gold Ore 2%
    Darksteel Ore 1%
    (The above only adds up to 99%, because on the spreadsheet it is rounding to the nearest whole percent.)
    I hope someone here finds this useful. Unfortunately, I no longer have the Spreadsheet that I compiled all this data onto. Any questions, feel free to ask.

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    Re: Mining and the Days of the Week

    cool find. Thanks for the info.