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  • Gardening! Saplings

    There was a great (if very long) thread on Alla about Tree Sapling results.
    I thought I'd recreate it here!

    Unfortunately gardening is a little random, and it seemed that there were a few ways of getting the intended results:

    Planting: Most people have decided now that the day you plant on doesn't make a difference. Some people think the moon phase does make a difference, others think it doesn't.

    First Crystal: We have a couple of options here. Either give your sapling the crystal of the elemental ore you're trying to grow or a light crystal. The light crystal seems to get better failure results if you don't manage to grow the ore. If you're feeding with these crystals, feed on the day of your ore element. Some people have been quite successful feeding the crystal of your ore element on darksday.

    Second Crystal: Again, a couple of options. You can, again, give a crystal of the ore you're trying to grow, or a crystal of the element strong against the element you're trying to grow. Feed on the day of your ore, or the day of the element weak to the element of your ore.
    Or you can feed your ore's element crystal on darksday again.

    Harvesting: Full moon if possible!!
    Most people tend to harvest on the day of their element.

    So, how that breaks down.

    Fire Ores:

    Plant: Whenever or Firesday

    First Crystal Options:

    Fire / Fire
    Light / Fire
    Fire / Dark

    Second Crystal Options:

    Fire / Fire
    Fire / Water
    Ice / Fire
    Ice / Water
    Fire / Dark


    Full moon if possible! Firesday!

    Remember though, these are not guarenteed!
    I'll post the results and feeding of my saplings when they're done (will take a while!)
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    Re: Gardening! Saplings

    I remember Ariah had a great website full of ore harvesting fire ores. This is what I can remember (basically switch elements around for appropriate type of ore), all based on fire ore gardening (note: again, none of this information was made by me, all credit goes to Ariah and those involved; this is simply my memory from reading her site):

    - Time a day to plant where the harvest date is a full moon and a day of the week dependent on how and when you fed your crystals (takes approximately 20.5~21.5 days to grow).
    ~ Harvest on a Darksday if you had fed fire crystals on Firesdays during growth; harvest on a Firesday if 1 crystal was fed on an Iceday, while the other was fed on a Firesday.
    - Examine the plant two times a day during growth period (try to lean towards examining on Firesday, but not too much).
    ~ Examine with harvesting gear on (excluding hands)
    - Use porcelain pots (seems to be the case for fire, dark, and ice ores).
    - Use 22 maple tables.
    - Harvest
    ~ Do NOT harvest with harvesting gear on.
    ~ Glowrates play a huge factor in the outcome, glowrate 5 seems the best time to maximize harvest.
    ~ Moon cycle seems to make the biggest difference.
    ~ The "harvesting" exploit does not work and each "failed" attempt to harvest apparently makes the chance of getting an ore zero; make sure you have enough space in your Mog House.
    ~ In fact, harvesting on the opposite day of the element of the ore you are going for will give you a way better chance of getting a good (more than 1 ore) yield if you have built up too much elemental strength in the sapling's growth already.
    - You are building up an "elemental strength" in the plants; the stronger, the greater the harvest. However, too much will kill you plants.
    ~ In this note, harvesting on the day of your crystals and element of the ore you are going for can ruin your chance of getting ores if you have built up too much elemental strength in the ore already.
    - Glowrate 5: strong glow, quick pulses, tons a sparkles around the fruit (not one thick sparkle).
    - There is always the random factor invovled :D.
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      Re: Gardening! Saplings

      I was growing cuttings into saplings for a while because it was pretty easy and could do pretty well when churned out by mules...for instance, in the Christmas nuttiness, stacks of saplings were selling for 1.1 Mil @.@

      My buddy grew a dark ore so I figured, what the heck, time to cross over into ore farming.

      I went for ice ores because their failure (platinum leaves) npc for about 1,700 apiece, and one pot could usually get a stack of leaves, so the cost of the cuttings was pretty much covered and any ice ore would be gravy.

      I planted on Darksday, fed ice crystal #1 on iceday, fed ice crystal #2 on darksday, and harvested on Lightsday (100% full moon). Good crop of 9 ores, so 9/60 or 15%. Not bad for starters. They sold for $500k each, and the platinum leaves gave all my mules some walking around money (and a bunch of wind clusters too).

      So now I have crop #2 going--I'm going to switch it up a little bit and Examine on other than Ice Day for, oh, maybe 30-50% of the Examines because I think I over-examined on Ice Day too much.

      I'll let you know how it works out^^


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        Re: Gardening! Saplings

        nice information anyway, sticking thread in my bookmarks for now.

        Always been interested in growing ores myself on a mule, been looking into it alot, just waiting till i get some space before i try it, ill post up my results when i do :D
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          Re: Gardening! Saplings

          Crop #2 of ice ores looked just like crop #1 of ice ores above; examined less often overall but more on darksday; 90% full moon at harvest instead of 100% full moon.

          Price went up 100k though^^


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            Re: Gardening! Saplings

            Thanks for keeping us updated, Silenus. I'm going to start gardening regularly again in two weeks. My plan is to grow 10 cuttings, sell the stack of saplings I get, and use the leftover saplings to try for ores. It's probably not the most efficient way of doing it, but I'm patient when it comes to gil. If there's anything interesting about my results, I'll post.


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              Re: Gardening! Saplings

              Let me get out my crystal ball and make some predictions...

              You are gardening on your main character.

              You have no mules.

              Gardening is a huge pain in the butt because of the above 2 reasons.

              At $1 a month, my mulies are worth their weight in gold. You can /logout from anywhere, log into a mule, and check their garden. Even while in an xp pt.

              With such a small base, ele ore gardening is going to be very tricky indeed.

              Good luck though!