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  • Payoff

    When will I see some profit from goldsmithing? Looking for a level range and item that I'll be crafting. Oh and should I take up a second craft to benefit goldsmithing?

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    Re: Payoff

    There are little things you can do inorder to make a profit with Goldsmithing. If you have smithing and ww leveled up as well, you make thf tools for a small profit. It's all about your server's economy. Try to find out what sells for a lot with the least amount of cost.


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      Re: Payoff

      You can make money at even low levels of goldsmithing, but obviously it will be little gains. Desynthing rings into ingots used to result in a small profit, but it really depends on the server's economy. Goldsmithing is great, although I wouldn't advise focusing only on it without another viable source of income. It's expensive, it's stressful, and just an overall pain to level sometimes; it might be a good idea to level up a craft that costs less to make a source of income and then focus on goldsmithing, but to each his own.
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        Re: Payoff

        Desynthing rings into ingots used to result in a small profit
        Right, I forgot about desynthing. Well, brass ingots go for 40k a stack on Alexander, so I farm about 15-20 lightning clusters (easily attainable in Carptenters' Landing or Delfukt's tower) and deysnth sapara which sell for ~700 in bastok or whitegate. HQ is 1 broze, HQ2 is 2 bronze, HQ3 is silver. My level is 42 atm, so I'm using the silver to skill up to 49 and pawn off the brass. I make about a 20k profit per stack of brass (it's that high because I farm the clusters). So, after about 15 clusters, I usually get about 3-4 stacks of brass. That's an 80k profit (usually, desynth is fickle).

        This might not work for you though. You just have to find what you can do at your job level and your craft level. As far as buying materials from the AH and trying to turn them into profit...well, the only profit I've found is to be minimal.


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          Re: Payoff

          It depends on your level, I'm currently 56 in GS and the best way I can see making money is farming lightning clusters in Qufim, after I get a few go to Lower Jeuno and Desynth some Mythril Earrings

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            Re: Payoff

            I really think Goldsmithing is the rich man's "let's blow alot of money and make pretty things" craft. I'm 63 and have the glasses and still don't make much money.

            I guess if I wanted to spend the time, I could make about 100k a day on the +1 lvl 14 rings, but it would take at least a couple hours I imagine. It's fun to dabble in when I'm in Jueno and the moonphase is helpful, but as far as I can tell there isn't any really high profit item until maybe much later on.

            I did have some success making the rings on 2% darksday today, but that doesn't come around too often.

            Just fyi, my success rate on the rings is about 1/4, and it was close to every other one today.


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              Re: Payoff

              I'm 35 and I'm making a nice profit off of desynthesizing silver earrings at that jewelry shop in Lower Jeuno. Just buy a bunch of lightning crystals (at least 2 stacks or 2 clusters) and have plenty of inventory space before you go up there. I usually buy 5 or 6 earrings, desynth those, and buy some more.

              But be sure to watch your direction, the elemental day, and the moon phase well, because if one of those is opposing you you might not get good success rates at this level. But on good days I can put out silver ingots like crazy and make major gil. On Fairy they tend to go for 50k-60k a stack, and I usually put about 20k into it to make a stack (unless the crystal farmers are being greedy or it's a bad day). And remember: earrings are much easier to desynth than rings, and you can still HQ them to get 2 ingots instead of 1.

              And at higher levels you can do mythril, which I'm sure has a higher profit margin.

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                Re: Payoff

                Hmmm my Goldsmithing is 13 at the moment, and have no clue what to do to level it to 20. I have been stealing silver coins on my thf, but that is alot of time. Whats a good thing to get me to 30 ? I have cooking at 41 , and all others at 10 for the moment, tryint to get a feel for what craft I want to take up.

                any info for a low lv goldsmither hoping to go all the way??
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