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  • Strange question.

    Is it technically possible to fish moat carp from 0-100? If so how many do you reckon it would take? I know it's a strange question but I was just curious. I do not think it is possible but haven't done much fishing yet.

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    Re: Strange question.

    No. Moat Carp will stop giving you skill ups after 10. Also you'd still need to stop in at the fishing guild to break the skill cap every ten levels anyway, so you'd need to fish up other fish in order to break the cap anyway.

    Also a word of advice from a retired fisherman, only the truly mad survive the rigors of fishing. It can be rewarding, but it can also drive you crazy. Look up Lu Shang's fishing rod some time.
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      Re: Strange question.

      And after Lu Shang's, there's the extra insanity of the unbreakable Ebisu fishing rod.

      Moat carp cap at level 11.

      From a more practical standpoint, you can theoretically get to level 51 fishing while fishing for moat carp. There are also a few zones where you can target moat carp pretty much exclusively (aside from monsters).

      At the two small ponds in Rolanberry Fields, for instance, you can use insect balls as bait and get only moat carp/monster/rusty items. Combine with the guild gear that lets you reduce rusty item catches plus half a brain to avoid the obvious monster catches and you can pretty much catch only moat carp.

      If you're more interested in levelling up while catching moat carp, that's a more complex answer.



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        Re: Strange question.

        Thanks guys!


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          Re: Strange question.

          Ah fishing in FFXI? That was one of my favourite bits of the game...apart from the farmer / bots which always had better gear than i could afford
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