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Cooking thread. 0-61

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  • Re: Cooking thread. 0-61

    Did 70-90 in 2 weeks.
    And i didnt really powerleveled it.
    One of the most important things you need to remember is that almost nothing above 70 is stackable except some pie/sushi, so you pretty much need a mule in Jeuno to sell your results a bit quick.

    70-72 Pear au Laut(good to make if you have 1 or 2 mules in Jeuno where you can sell this over a period of time, just don't flood the market with it)
    Also ideal to lvl some jobs at lower lvl with it.

    72-75(77) Navarin
    Very easy to make recipe and also cheap materials wich means no really big loss on lvling up.
    Can either choose facing north west and go for success or just face west at lvl 72 and do 72-75 pretty fast.
    You loose in the beginning a lot of materials but since a yagudo drink give on my server around 1.5-2k profit i'd rather put those on AH to cover the lost.

    75-77 Tuna Sushi
    Depending on price of Tuna Sushi and materials this can also be a good profit, I personally aren't a big fan of making sushi if you are still under the cap since the loss of the fish or ground wasabi means often bye bye profit.
    But if the navarin comes out of your ears(Think i got close to 100 navarin when i hit 75-76) this is a good option to think of.
    Also this recipe require Fish Handling so if you don't want to spent your guildpoints on it then stay at Navarin.

    77-79 Chocomilk
    If Elshimo Lowlands are not beastman controlled or you have no problems to do some traveling to Kazham to get some this is a nice and cheap solution.
    These lvl's cost you some gil but if you did it right you should've made profit on the sushi/navarin.

    77-81 Pamama au Lait
    Same as chocomilk and since you sell this back to shops often you just go for max skillups and should just face southwest all the time.
    The loss can be a bit high at 77 so can either play safe and do lvl 77-78 chocomilk or just go for this.

    81-84 Sole Sushi
    Expect to do this with lost for the first 1/2 lvl's as you loose the materials often.
    Since you need stuff from Tenshodo I personally like to synth these at Jeuno so I often don't travel to Windy to get support for it.
    If you don't mind traveling or just use your mule for buying the stuff this should be fine.

    If you don't have the Fish Handling when hitting 81 you gonna have a hard time till 84.
    You can best go for Pumpkin Pie wich cap at 85 or just go straight for the next item.

    (81)84-86 Marron Glace
    These are just ridiculous simple to make and overall cheap and they even sell pretty decent on AH with profit most of the time.
    You need grape juice and chestnut so you only need to buy a lot of dark crystals and maple sugar and just camp at the ronfaure vendor.
    Had really fun time doing these synths.

    86-90 Rolanberry Pie
    Not much to say about this.
    All materials are easy to get only thing you probly need to buy from AH is Gelatin since it is made with bonecraft if i remember it right.
    The pie sell good and they stack wich makes it even better.


    • Re: Cooking thread. 0-61

      hmmm cooking bastore sardines from lvl 5 cooking got me to 11 quickly. XD wind crystals + bastore sardines = 2sliced sardines you can sell each to the guild for 64gp worth it, made me good money.


      • Re: Cooking thread. 0-61

        I put all my equips in storage and on a mule, made another mule for cooking, chained myself to Windurst, printed out a cooking guide and the Vana'diel cookbook and went to town. Was 1-86 in 6 days.

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        • Re: Cooking thread. 0-61

          I'm just curious, but what was the cost of said 6 day orgy of cooking?

          I say that with the curiosity of someone who is planning on spending an upcoming week of vacation playing this crack-like game <(^_^)>

          (\ /)
          ( . . )
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          ...That's "Little Washu", Bub....