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Anyone else have a racer?

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  • Anyone else have a racer?

    Just wondering what some other peoples' records are and how they balanced stats. My current bird, VerteX, has a 6-11-2 record in the crystal stakes, which is money but still seems underwhelming. He'll occasionally beat SO in free runs with no items but very rarely either of the other super chocobos.

    His stats are a little lopsided at SS/S/B/E with gallop and canter and no weather affinity, since I didn't know how to get weather affinity at the time. I had a good streak in the beginning with wooden saddles but then a really bad run after which I switched to leather or cloth saddles which seem to work well. I've got a new chick in the stables that I was planning to shoot for as close to A/A/A/A with but I wonder how much better that will do.

    One thing I've noticed strategy-wise is that even though I have him on final spurt, he's still usually in the front of the pack at the start of the race and ends up eating a bunch of biscuits as a result. If I put him on keep pace he seems to move more intelligently, but then he's more likely to use his speed apple in the early or mid race rather than near the end where it's most effective and least dangerous.

    Anyway. Thoughts?
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    Re: Anyone else have a racer?

    Sorry, only got a digger (which I have yet to dig something with, don't ask why) and he moves as fast as a medieval knight in armor.

    ...on clay rich soil.

    ...while raining.

    So yeah...
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