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  • Quick Synergy Question

    I'm trying to make a Shikokku Togi so i can move on to the Ebur gear for open Evolith slots.

    It says I need 21 Synergy (Which I have), 51 Leathercraft (Don't have), 21 Smithing (Have), and 11 Bonecraft (Have)

    I'm leveling leathercraft now currently at 35, and was reading how Synergy can be done with a group of people who have the craft.

    So would I be able to find someone with 51 leathercraft and be able to craft the Togi? Or would I still need the craft leveled myself?

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    Re: Quick Synergy Question

    When you start, it looks at the levels of ALL people and chooses the highest in the group for whichever craft you're looking for to determine qualifications. Synergy (the higher level crafts anyway) is meant to be done with a group. I'm sure there are even synths that cannot be done by a single person. It's also possible to have a level 0 mule supply the items while having someone else provide the crafting skills.
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