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  • Moghancements

    So I have a question about Moghancements. I have been under the (mis?)understanding that some of the items I have in my mog house have been adding to the wrong mohancement I am aiming for. My house is filled IIRC:
    1 X Cricket Cage
    1 X Egg Buffett
    6 X falsaim vase
    6 X Console.(I think this is the one)

    Everything has Lightning energy, so I was under the impression this would add to my Lightning desynths. It has given me the powerful lightning energy, and moghancement: money. Is there a different one for desynth? I am trying to get overwhelming desynth energy. I am losing a lot of crystals desynthing, as well as lots of material. As well, the money energy seems pretty much garbage, I do not even think it has benefited me at all. 2-3 gil per goblin I kill? I can't see much more of an increase, I sell stuff to the NPC at the same price, obviously the AH isn't forking ove any extra dough. Is it as big of a joke as the "MUG" ability for THF? most mobs I mug, aside from nm's and a dragon in xarcabard, give tiny amount of gil, not even enough to buy a flask of distilled water. Mind you, I am still new to a lot of aspects of the game, just finally leveling my thf to within maat range. Furniture cost me a fair bit compared to a lot of the other stuff that is out there. It appears like it has been a big waste of gil. Any idea if I need different pieces of furniture for the desynth? and if so, why does it have elemental energy, if two pieces of furniture can work toward different moghancements, yet are of the same element.
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    Re: Moghancements

    You get the Moghancement for the furniture that has the highest elemental aura. The Egg Buffet has Moghancement Money and is stronger than any other furniture in your house. You need a furnishing that gives Moghancement: Desynth, and you need to make sure no other furnishing has more aura than that one.

    Overwhelming energy requires 101+ aura strength.

    Moghancements - FFXIclopedia, the Final Fantasy XI wiki - Characters, items, jobs, and more