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  • Important Links

    I would just like to post some important links where a lot of questions can be answered to avoid uneeded posts. If anyone else has some good sites with. recipe lists or info please post them.

    1. Of course everyone should know about gamefaqs, alot of recipes. Gamefaqs

    2. This is a great site by Bishop from our own boards. Nice maps and recipe list. Look at bottom left of page.
    Bishops Site

    3. Great site. It's also Bilingual. Crystals are in Japanese.
    Bilingual site

    4. An up and coming site. Right now it is just for journals but it will soon be full of useful information. Pagandaman is the author.
    Click Here

    5. All your map problems solved. Credit goes to errr. gotta edit.

    6. Here is a great source of info for n00bs. Learn to renkei! By Trell.
    Beginners Guide

    7. This is a stat calculator.
    Stat Calculator

    8. Japanese site with recipes. Needs bablefish.

    More soon, just wanted to get the topic up so others can posts links and help.

    Guild Information

    This bit of information was taken from this site just incase some people didn't notice it.

    Last Update: May 3, 2003

    Your skill will increase as more items are successfully created. Items can be made with the crystals which can be either bought or dropped by monster while signet is active. The day of the week and the weather(element) will also play a small part on lowering or improving the chance of successfully synthesizing a item.
    After you reach certain levels, you may decide to take a test that'll put you 1 step higher in the skill title. The following table is the list of Titles along with Skill Level and Promotion Test Level:

    Skill Level Promotion Test Level
    Amateur 0-10 8
    Intern 10-20 18
    Apprentice 20-30 28
    Junior craftsman 30-40 38
    Named 40-50 48
    Listed 50-60 58
    Permited / Approved 60-70 68

    There are 8 Types of item synthesizing guilds. The following table is the list of Guild and brief information about that particular guild:

    Guild Name
    Hours / Location Information
    Alchemy Bastok A guild which plays mainly with chemicals and potion types with odd ingredients. Main focus on guild is medicine and special potions, but it also makes special weapons.
    Although compound skill is not really needed, woodwork, a black smith, and gold smith skill are a great plus for bows, arrows and bullet type synthesizing.

    Black Smith Bastok, San D'oria, Mhaura / 8am-11pm Main focus on ore, metal material, etc. Creates many types of weapons and armors for usage in battle field.
    Woodwork, gold smith, and leather works compounding skills are great plus for this guild.

    Bone Worker Windurst - holiday on Wind Main focus will be weapons which are made of bone type of material.
    Leather works coumpounding skills would be a great plus for this guild.

    Carpenter San D'oria Weapons made out of wood is the main focus of this guild. Most weapons created will be useful for many type of Mages.
    Bone worker and black smith skills would be a great plus for this guild.

    Cooking Windurst Main focus of this guild is making food to greatly improve the performances of many adventurers in battle fields, and also makes good baits for fishing.
    Cooking skill by itself can work very well. No other skills are depended on when synthesizing food.

    Gold Smith Bastok, Mhaura / 8am-11pm Ore and precious-metals material are mainly used. Main focus of this guild is making jewels, rings, necklace, and earrings which adds improved points to the owner.
    Other skills won't be needed much when synthesizing. Beware, this guild is known for one of high costing in synthesizing items.

    Leather Works ? Leather material is mainly used. Main focus is armors non-heavyduty job type.
    Black smith, gold smith, and sewing skills are a great plus for this guild.

    Sewing Guild in Windurst, shop in Selbina Mainly focuses on making clothing for mage and monk type.
    High level gold smith skill is highly recommended to be successful in Sewing guild.

    Fishing Guild
    Last but not least there is a "everyone is welcome to join for the heck of it" type of guild in Windurst and Selbina. It is a Fishing Guild. Basically all it will help greatly in improving your Fishing Skills. You may also buy fish and bait at low costs.

    Tip: Every guild there is a "teacher" who can cast a temporary "boost" to help you success on synthesizing item. It is always best idea to synthesize with the same element crystal as the day's element.

    Copyright © by - Dreams in Vana'diel. All Right Reserved.

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    Ive got a good link for not only recipes but the agme in general, i believe it was created by one of the people on the board actually....

    The Bilingual Websire for Final Fantasy XI

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      Thanks for the link. I know you said it's a Bilingual site but when it says crystal used it's in japanese. It still has a lot of good info though. I'll put it on the list.


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        woh, thanks
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          You can translate the crystal type at the bottom of each page, itll say fire| (sym)
          earth| (sym)

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            Thanks, I never noticed that before. I was looking though.


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              The site by bishop is really helpful. I find that everything is up to date on the recipe lists. The maps don't help a lot though since they aren't translated. Shouldn't this be at the top of the page?:confused:


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                There are better maps now. Look at the top of main topic forum and you will see what I'm talking about.

                What do you mean this is supposed to be at the top, since you replied or something? Try refreshing the page.


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                  Good post, I'll sticky it.



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                    Originally posted by MasterCrafter
                    The maps don't help a lot though since they aren't translated.
                    I'm not exactly sure what you mean when you say the maps aren't translated. They are all in English. The map database is all uploaded, but the interactive map menu's aren't done yet so you can't access all the maps. I wouldn't mind some help if any of you are offering any.


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                      Is your site down or is my link bad? I can't reach it right now.


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                        correct me if i'm wrong..but i dont think there is a guild "teacher" in the fishing guild in selbina. theres 2 guys selling stuff, and 2 guys just standing around. i went there looking for someone to take the test to raise to beginner instead of amatuer and didn't find anyone. which means i need to go to the guild in windurst i think anybody know ?


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                          Ok even though im one of the ontributors...what the heck is Rue on the alchemy guide? i cant find it in the AH...

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                   - Nice japanese DB with recipes, translates quite ok through babblefish.


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                              Thanks for the links!!!