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    Thread: Reviewing your FFXIII and FFXIV Bonus Codes

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      Reviewing your FFXIII and FFXIV Bonus Codes

      On this page, should be the link where you can retrieve your bonus code if you registered a first production run copy of Final Fantasy XIII:


      The bonus code can be used to register for Asuran Armguards, which enhances the effectiveness of your equipped arm or tool.

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      Re: Reviewing your FFXIII Bonus Code

      Just so everyone is aware, once you register the game you will receive ANOTHER code for the armguards. Go to the website at the above link and click Features at the top, then choose FFXIII. Input the code from inside the game box and a page will pop up with another code around the middle of the page. That code goes into a DIFFERENT website. So go over to the Account Management website now and log in. Click the Select Service button on the left. Then choose Final Fantasy XIV on the next page. Then the next page to pop up will be where you input your code. This works for both the Onion Helm and the Armguards.

      **JUST BE AWARE that you have to register your games FIRST.**

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      To add your Onion Helm:

      1) Go to your Square Enix Account Management System and log in. (This is NOT the Square Enix Members website.)

      2) After you log in, look at the left side of the page and click Select Service, then click FFXIV on the next page, and then on the next page click Select Service Account.

      3) On this page is where you input the code for the Onion Helm found on the flyer thats included in the COLLECTORS EDITION of the game. Click Next.

      4) Make sure FFXIV is selected and click Next. On the next page it should say "Service Account FINAL FANTASY XIV" and below that "Code In-game item Code - Onion Helm"
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