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    Thread: A New Adventure (Extremely long)

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      A New Adventure (Extremely long)

      Flame, blood, ruins. All these come rushing to my mind, in my dreams. They plague me, haunt me, night after night, that same horrible scene. People clad in shining armor falling one after another, screaming into the night. Buildings in flames, and the red eyes of those monsters, the vile beasts with their long sharp claws, and even sharper weapons in hand. I see a Hume, praying for mercy to the gods; a little Tarutaru trying to cure her lover, pleading for him to stay alive. Mithras fighting tooth and nail alongside the Galka, falling in bloody heaps one by one. I lay breathless, unable to cry out, unable to talk. A shadow looms over and covers the dreadful scene, then a hideous laugh rang out, freezing eveything in sight. The shadow takes form, it's devil-red eyes burning into my mind. "This is your fate. This is your destiny. Your age will end, and mine will begin." 4 figures appeared around him, their faces hidden in shadow, their crystal blades held high. The blades fell...

      I awoke with a shout, my body dripping with sweat, my birthmark on my left hand went numb. 'Not again...Not that damn dream AGAIN!' I shook my head, regaining my composure. All the while my moogle looked at me in shock.


      "I'm okay, Milly."

      "The dream?" she asked. I replied with a nod of my head. "I swear, that dream is gonna give me a heart attack one day!" I couldn't help but let a little chuckle out. "Just be glad you don't see what it is..." I said as I laid back down and closed my eyes, falling back to slumber.


      Ummm that's all I got at the moment ^.^; It's uhhh... 10:19 atm so I need to get to bed or I won't wake up for school...

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