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    Thread: FFXI Soloing FAQ and guide

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      Re: FFXI Soloing FAQ and guide

      Thanks to all who have been posting and contributing. I've been working on adding content for the new jobs, and updating with new strategies. Figuring out ways to do these things is part of what makes FFXI great.

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      Re: FFXI Soloing FAQ and guide

      Hello ! First of all , thank you for the guide ! I am *greatly* encouraged when I see things like this. It is nice to see that there are ways to effectively solo at medium and higher levels. As always, milage may vary, but I am looking forward to trying some of this stuff out.

      Now, one thing I noticed was a lack of info on chaining EPs for XP. This is especially effective at lower levels, as I used this strategy to get my BLM to 10 in a very short time (like, barely 2.5 hours). Here's how it works :

      1) Use selbina milk - HP regen - and pies - +HP, +MP, +INT - adjust food for job

      2) Chain any weak EP mobs that still give XP. Nuke it, hit it, whatever - then immediately move to the next mob

      3) Because these are weak mobs, you should not take too much damage : any downtime would be from resting to gain MP spent on nuking vs. healing.

      With downtime gone, a steady diet of these mobs can start off any new job and take it to at least 10-12. Prolly even further in the right zones, I hear La Theine is actually pretty good, but the party invites as BLM came in so fast I took them. All the newbie and intermediate zones seem to have area with lots of non-aggressive, non-linking mobs fairly close together (Sarutabaruta/Tahrongi, Ronfaure/La Theine, Gustaberg/Konschtat Highlands)

      Please note that milk, just like other drinks, do not stack.

      Also, one other thing : the most common status effect I would run into (that would kill me) at low levels would be poison. Don't forget antidotes ! You can buy them from the outpost guards for cheap. That, plus milk, will really improve survivabliity.

      ...atlhough even at 6 WHM you get Poisona, so this may not be critical. Still, very helpful if you are not subbing WHM for some reason...... (antidotes stack)

      Now, that awkward time between 15-20 can be odd.... that was when I found that xp really slowed down on RDM, which I pretty much soloed from 0 to 18. (Had to, my first Dunes party pretty much killed me, lost me a level, etc.) Most mobs in the zones I mentioned above will either stop giving xp or are too far apart to chain effectively.

      So, to review :

      milk + pies* + chains of EP mobs + Empress Band = good solo xp, quick, cheap and cheerful**

      *feel free to replace this with the appropriate food if you are not a mage. I have not yet levelled any melee jobs, except MNK to 5

      ** YMMV. Offer void where prohibited. Subject to credit approval. Limited time offer.
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      Re: FFXI Soloing FAQ and guide

      I’ve soloed BLU up to lvl 32 and now I’m having a really difficult time finding mobs/areas within my lvl range that I can kill easily and with minimal MP usage.

      So far I have been fighting EM –Ts and chaining quite well, I can hit chain #3.

      I didn’t start out trying to solo as BLU, I was simply trying to learn spells and found that I can make great xp. Though I have not soloed 100%, as you can see below.

      LVL 1-12
      Soloed on everything in the Sarutabaruta zones, as with any other job.

      LVL 12-14
      I joined a party with a few LS friends which worked well but as we all know Valkurm Dunes parties can disband quicker then a Gob can toss a bomb.

      LVL 14-17
      At 14 I thought it would be a good time to learn my lvl 16 spells, starting with Healing Breeze. This is the point when I found chaining tough mobs could be so easy.

      LVL 17-21
      I spent a lot of this time travelling and fighting DC-T mobs for spells, getting most of the xp from Damselfly’s in Pashhow Marshlands.

      LVL 21-21.5
      Because I had all my spells covered for a while I thought I’d give partying a go so headed to Qufim Island. Unfortunately it was a lvl 19-24 party with no tank and no main healer but I didn’t give up and struggled on for 3 hours only earning 2-3k xp.

      LVL 21.5-23
      , damn Tiger’s. I died roughly 19 times in one day; luckily 4-5 fights got my xp back.

      LVL 23-31
      Qufim Island, worm’s of course go down easy and Head Butt stops those nasty spells. After lvl 27-28 night time becomes a lot of fun, Bludgeon (Arcana based) rips through those Bones like a fat kid through a pie.

      LVL 31-32
      Yhoator Jungle because Bludgeon is Blunt damage it does not do so great against Mandy’s, in saying that Mandy’s aren’t too tough so you wont risk your life fighting them, but you will waste a lot of MP leading to a lot of down time and it is hard to chain them.

      At lvl 32 I have tried many places to camp:

      Middle/Lower Delkfutt’s Tower – Gobs, Gigas, Dolls and Magic Pots.
      Magic Pots drop real easy due to Bludgeons blunt damage, but they’re hard to find and getting to a good camp here will take a lot of time and hassle (you have to fight through a lot of EP mobs)

      Linked zones to Jeuno – Beastmen, Tigers and Raptors.
      All have high attacks and hard to find EM – Ts.

      Ranguemont Pass – Bats, gobs and Slimes.
      Again hard to get a good camp here and almost everything links.

      Until lvl 38 I think it would be best to fight Undead because of Bludgeons extra damage but every zone I have tried either have EP or VT mobs.

      After lvl 38 Jet Stream will help when fighting Aquans, but as of yet I can’t say how much.

      As for my stats/info:


      BLU/WHM – I did try /NIN but enjoy the Magic Def. Bonus and Divine Seal of /WHM. Plus having cure spells means you can take off Pollen for an extra Blue Magic Point.

      I use mainly STR/DEX gear (with a little INT) but switch my Spike Necklace and 1 Ring for +MND gear for cure boost all in 1 macro.

      /equip Neck “Justice Badge”

      /equip Ring1 “Saintly Ring”

      /ma “Cure II” <t>

      /wait 5

      /equip Neck “Spike Necklace”

      /equip Ring1 “Courage ring”

      But anyway back to the main point, I’m having a hard time finding a good place to solo. Skeletons would be ideal prey but there are none within my range. Soloing Decent Challenges is always an option until I get a little higher but even if I reach lvl 34 I can’t see anywhere to lvl.

      You might be wondering why I’m trying to solo, well… I don’t really know.

      Sorry for the long post, hope this helps at least 1 person other then me.
      Last edited by Redx; 08-04-2006 at 08:48 AM. Reason: grammar

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      Re: FFXI Soloing FAQ and guide

      white mage is at their advantage against mobs that are weak to blunt type weapons, like pots and bones

      my whm is capable of soloing easy prey bones in eldime, citadel. i had little luck in arrapago, however, those drg/thf class bones are a pain in the rear end.
      Dig A10; Main: Bonecraft 100+3/subs: 60/Fishing 59.7
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      Re: FFXI Soloing FAQ and guide

      4-12 in Vomp Hill across the field from bastok markets. By 10-12, a 2Handed weapon clears through these mobs in 1-2 hits. You don't get hit for very much, or as often, and it all parsed at 5-6k/hour rate until 13. 13 it dropped significantly.

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